Im Niemandsland

der atmende Gott/Love, Germany 2019

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It's the summer of 1990, two teenagers in Germany fall in love - an innocent first love, shortly before the German reunification. Katja (16) is from West-Berlin, Thorben (17) from GDR. Their families are fighting over a house in Kleinmachnow (a suburb of East-Berlin), where Thorbens family has been living since the 70ies, but where Katjas father grew up. The family had to emigrate to West-Berlin in 1961, just before the Berlin Wall was built. Later, the house was dispossessed under GDR-rule. Now, Katjas father demands restitution. The conflict grows bitterer and threatens to tear apart both families. It is about old wounds and new prejudices. While being in the middle of Germanys swiftly progressing process of reunification, Katja and Thorben have to fight for their love.
89 min
FSK 12
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Florian Aigner


Emilie Neumeister (Katja)

Ludwig Simon (Thorben)

Andreas Döhler (Alexander)

Lisa Hagmeister (Heidi)

Judith Engel (Beatrice)

Uwe Preuss (Erwin)

Michelangelo Fortuzzi (Andy)

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Im Niemandsland

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16:9 HD, Color

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FSK 12

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